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What is a wedding coordinator? This service can go by many names (Day-of Coordinator, Wedding Management, Month-of Coordinator) but it is essentially this: a wedding coordinator takes the plans you have worked tirelessly on, and makes sure they happen smoothly and that you have a fun, stress-free day.

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Kathlyn + Andrew | Macon, GA Wedding
Thank you to Amber Phinisee for the lovely photos featured here! She is an incredibly talented artist and I'm so excited to share these with you.
Downtown Macon Wedding

Kathlyn and Andrew are two of the sweetest and most genuine people I have ever known. Kathlyn is unbelievably kind-hearted, and makes everyone around her feel welcome, and Andrew has such a heart for loving people. I met both while a student at Mercer but they didn’t get together until they were both working on Master’s programs and had overlapping assistantships. These two leave you with the feeling that you have been seen, heard, and cared for, and it was an absolute joy to serve them on their wedding day!

Macon GA Wedding

There were a few details in Kathlyn and Andrew’s wedding that were a little less than traditional, and I absolutely LOVED that. They didn’t stray from the norm in order to stand out or be remembered as a unique wedding, but they made intentional decisions based on their priorities—not someone else’s standard. So if you are planning a wedding, or even dreaming about one to come, remember that you don’t have to look like everyone else. It’s your wedding, so do whatever the heck you want! Just be sure to remember that behind all the flowers, sparklers, and tulle, two lives are becoming one. And that alone is beautiful.

The Venues

Library Ballroom

True Mercer sweethearts, these two tied the knot in the beautiful Newton Chapel on Mercer’s campus. I am a little bit obsessed with this building—gorgeous stained glass, rich dark wood, and an immense organ that serves as the perfect backdrop to “I do.” They took the reception downtown to another historic Macon building, the Library Ballroom. This is another favorite venue for its vaulted ceilings, beautiful light, and classic charm (not to mention the huge history nerd/book lover in me that loves that it was Macon’s first public library!).

The Food

One of the choices Kathlyn and Andrew made that was a bit outside of the usual was that they had a 10:30 AM ceremony! They loooove breakfast food and wanted to have a brunch reception with their family and friends. And since so many of them travelled from out of town for the wedding, they wanted to give them some time on Saturday to travel home if needed. Michael’s on Mulberry (just a stone’s throw from the Library Ballroom) provided some fabulous eggs, grits, bacon, biscuits—my mouth is watering as I type. They even had a coffee bar (duh) and custom coffee cups!

The Flowers


While I am a huge fan of flowers and am so grateful for my friends who are talented in that area, I was totally floored by Kathlyn’s craftiness with her florals. Y’all. She. Made. The. Bouquets. Kathlyn and her mom made the loveliest paper flower bouquets for her and her bridesmaids, and supplemented the décor with some fresh flowers delivered from Costco. Major props for making this their own.

*Side note, if you are hoping to make your own bouquets for your wedding, I highly suggest following Kathlyn’s example and using paper or silk flowers. While fresh flowers are beautiful, they are much more temperamental and difficult to keep alive the days leading up to the wedding. Don’t add that concern to your plate. Make some fabulous paper or silk ones in advance and they’ll be good as new on wedding day!

Macon GA Wedding

The Cakes

Oh man. What a dream. Kathlyn and Andrew had not one cake, not two cakes, but A DOZEN CAKES at their wedding. I don’t even have to tell you how awesome that is. You’re smart people. They ordered six cakes, including a two-tiered wedding cake for them to cut, in a variety of flavors, and Kathlyn’s grandmother made the other six. Pure heaven.

Other Vendors

Hair & Make-Up: Kristen Andrews | Cake/Desserts: Rita Beachy and Kathlyn’s Grandmother | Photographer: Amber Phinisee

Macon GA Wedding

Every wedding is unique, because each couple brings their own experiences, desires, and personalities to the table. In our highly visual and comparison-driven world, it can be difficult not to compare ourselves to the perfect pictures we see online (can I get an amen?). However, when we choose to make decisions in planning a wedding that value and honor our families, our community, and our soon-to-be spouse those comparisons hold little weight.

With love,


Sarah + Bryan | Macon, GA Wedding
Thank you to A. Thomas Photography for the beautiful photos featured here! See more on her blog at the link below.

My heart is full to overflowing with love for these two. It is unbelievably fun when friends and clients overlap and I get to serve the sweetest couples. Bryan and Sarah share a heart for loving and caring for people. They desire to know and love the people in their lives well, and always put others first. Their wedding was a beautiful Christ-honoring celebration, full of love, laughter, and community.

Bryan and Sarah both value relationships and are very intentional about pouring into the people around them, so their wedding was full of friends, family, and love. One of Sarah’s specific requests for me reflected this: At the end of the night, she knew it would be easy for her to get swept away in the hustle and bustle of her exit with Bryan, so she asked me to make sure they had a few minutes with their bridal party and family to say goodbye and give hugs before being sent out. This is another great example of making sure your wedding day reflects your priorities and what matters most to you.

Newton Chapel Wedding

The Venues

A pair of college sweethearts, Bryan and Sarah said I do in one of my favorite places—Newton Chapel on Mercer’s Campus. I am obsessed with the beauty of this place, and I love any opportunity to return to my alma mater. Their reception was at a classic downtown spot—the Blacksmith Shop. This gorgeous venue was originally (you guessed it) a blacksmith shop, and hosts dozens of weddings each year. The space is so versatile, you can arrange it to suit your event. Bryan and Sarah for instance hired a barista company to make espresso drinks at the bar! (Can you tell we like coffee around here?)

Coffee bar wedding

The Food

Jonah’s on Johnston from Forsyth, GA, made the most delicious treats for Bryan and Sarah’s hors d'oeuvre reception—and even made fresh pralines on site! The coffee bar was by Mocha My Day, and it was insanely cool. Lattes, mochas, and cappuccinos on demand? Sign me up! Sarah and Bryan share a love of coffee, so they collected dozens of unique mugs throughout their engagement for guests to enjoy and to give as favors at the end of the night.

Macon GA Wedding

The Dress

Sarah’s dress was worn by not only her mother, but her grandmother as well. So much sentiment and love in those pieces of lace, and a true picture of Sarah and Bryan’s deep love and care for their families.

The Photos

Abigail Thomas is such a delight. You can see from the photos that she is incredibly talented, but she is also a ton of fun. Sarah and Abigail grew up in the same community, and were close family friends. Abigail is a total girl boss and was so much fun to work with! You can see more photos from Sarah and Bryan's day on Abigail's blog.

Other Vendors

Hair & Make-Up: Kayla Whittle | Floral Design: Blueberry Spring Florist | DJ: Simply Celebrate

Don’t mind me, I’m just sobbing over here thinking about these two and their celebration. I am so blessed to know these two, and so grateful to have been a part of their day!

Blacksmith Shop Wedding
5 Reasons You Need a Wedding Coordinator

You’ve booked the florist, the photographer, and bought the perfect dress. What else do you need? If you’re in the process of planning a wedding, you know that the list of “what else” can seem never ending. But there is one piece of the puzzle that can help make all of the others fit together seamlessly, and it’s a piece you may have overlooked: a wedding coordinator.

What is a wedding coordinator? This service can go by many names (Day-of Coordinator, Wedding Management, Month-of Coordinator) but it is essentially this: a wedding coordinator takes the plans you have worked tirelessly on, and makes sure they happen smoothly and that you have a fun, stress-free day. From a wedding coordinator, here are a few reasons to consider adding this role to your wedding team:

1. You should be celebrating, not stressing

A wedding day is an immensely emotional day. It is full of love, anticipation, expectation, and joy. Sometimes, it is also full of anxiety and stress. We have been led to believe that this is just part of it—brides always feel stressed on their wedding day—but I firmly believe that does not have to be the case. I want brides and grooms (and moms and dads) to have the opportunity to take it all in and enjoy the experience. My job as a coordinator is to take that stress (whether or not the centerpieces were delivered, if the band was on time, or if the photographer has enough light for portraits) from your shoulders so you can enjoy all of the beauty of a new marriage.

2. You can’t star in the show and cue the lights

If you’ve ever been in a play (I haven’t, but it’s a secret dream of mine!), you know that there are actors, and there are stage managers. Wouldn’t it be difficult for the lead in the play to also have the responsibility of telling the lighting team when to cue her spotlight? How on earth is she supposed to do both at the same time? The stage manager has the vitally important role of making sure all of the actors and the many other hands involved know their cues and present a flawless show to the audience. She is prepared, equipped, and knows the play backwards and forwards so the star can focus on her dramatic monologue while she runs the show from the wings.

3. Your vendors do their best work when they work together

If you’ve ever planned a wedding (or if you’ve ever been to one for that matter) you know that it takes a village to pull it off. Photographers, caterers, venues, florists, hair stylists, the list goes on and on. You have selected and hired these professionals because you love their work and know they will provide an exceptional experience for you and your guests. But it is hard for them to do their best work if they don’t know what the others are doing. If your makeup artist doesn’t know when the bridal portraits are supposed to begin, you may miss precious time for those photos. Or if the caterer wasn’t aware that the band required food before the reception, your entertainment may have to leave to grab dinner during cocktail hour. In order for your team of wedding professionals to deliver the service they want to give you—their absolute best work—they need to be on the same page. A wedding coordinator acts as the glue for all of these important people. Serving and preparing them so they all work in harmony.

4. You need someone who is 100% on your team (and isn’t in a fancy dress)

Among this village of professionals (and friends) who are putting your wedding together, you need someone who can see the 30,000 foot view. Someone who knows what you’ve imagined for your day and can make sure everything stays on that course. A wedding coordinator acts in your place when you aren’t able to make decisions, because she knows what you would have chosen. Each vendor has their own priorities (because they want to deliver excellent service), but someone needs to make sure they all align with your vision for the day. While you have LOTS of people who have your back and want the day to be perfect for you, you need someone who can step outside of the situation and keep the day on course.

5. Everything is going to be OK

It is. It really is. At the end of the day, you’re going to be married and you’ll ride off into the sunset with your handsome prince (right after you take some killer golden hour photos, amiright?). Truly, no wedding is flawless, but they are all wonderful. A wedding coordinator can foresee the bumps in the road long before they make it to you, solve problems before you know about them, but also remind you that hey—you look hot, and today is going to be awesome. An important part of my job is staying calm and making sure my brides do too. Because weddings are lovely, but marriages are even lovelier.


If you want to enjoy your wedding day, to take a deep breath and celebrate, then you should hire a wedding coordinator. We want to carry the stress, manage the details, and make the decisions so you can get on with the party.

Much love,


Your Friendly Neighborhood Wedding Coordinator


I am so thrilled that you're here. This journey of mine keeps growing and evolving, and I am grateful for all of you who are along for the ride! Today I am PUMPED to kick off the next development for HPW: the blog! (Blog is a weird word. I don't like the way it sounds so much like "blah." And the g certainly doesn't help either. I'm gonna work on another word for blog.)

As we go on, you can expect stories of real weddings, planning tips and advice, and a little bit of the things that fire me up, but to get things started, I wanted to share a few things you may not know about your friendly neighborhood wedding coordinator (that's me!).


All About Animals Macon GA

1. I am obsessed with my dog.

OK, so if you've spent any time around me (or on my Instagram), you probably already knew this. But people who are obsessed with their dogs do not miss opportunities to talk about their dogs. Especially on the internet.

Bowden is a three(ish) year old rescue that we have had since February 2016. He is the best dog in the world (completely objective of course) and we are so lucky we found him. When we rescued him, he had just arrived at All About Animals Rescue in Macon when he ESCAPED into the wilderness--with fresh stitches from being neutered no less--and was lost for several days. When they found him he was exhausted, dirty, and sick, but we knew immediately he was the one for us. 

He only barks at the mailman and the doorbell, sheds all over everything I own, and loves belly rubs. 

See? Obsessed.

Plus it's just beautiful. Historic homes like  the Hay House  just kill me!

Plus it's just beautiful. Historic homes like the Hay House just kill me!

2. I am a proud Maconite.

When I first moved to Macon in 2010, I was a bit skeptical. I moved here for college, so it never occurred to me that this would become my home. It didn't take long for the city's sweet soul to win me over and for me to fall in love with this place. The pace suits me better than a big city, and there is always more going on than my introverted-extrovert self can handle. Live music, amazing food, parks and walking trails, and some really cool people make this place home.

Macon is a place that you can be proud to be a part of for so many reasons. One of the things that first made me realize this could be home was the fact that change in Macon was happening from the ground up. People who live and work here are investing time, money, and energy to make this city a great place to live. We're still getting folks on board, but it is so exciting to see neighbors coming together and creating something beautiful. I am proud to live in a city like that.


3. I like to take care of people.

For better or for worse, I am a bit of a momma bear. I want to gather you up, make you some brownies, and wrap you in a blanket. I don't do this perfectly, but my nature is to nurture (haha. see what I did there? I'm also really good at corny jokes). I think this is part of the reason I love coordinating weddings. I love looking at a worn out bride-to-be and telling her, hey, I've got this. You go have some champagne. Or talking to her mom and telling her not to worry about lighting the candles at the reception, it's already done. That relief that lets their shoulders relax and their brows un-furrow is what gives me so much joy.

What does that look like? Read here to learn a little more about what a wedding coordinator does! Or here to hear from some sweet brides and moms.

And of course, I couldn't do it without the one who takes such good care of me. This is Tanner. You'll likely hear a lot about him. He is my supporter, encourager, and best friend, and has already been an amazing partner in this crazy ride. I'm thankful for him.

This adventure has already been such a gift, and I am having the time of my life! Thank you for coming alongside and celebrating each step of the way with me.

Much love,