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What is a wedding coordinator? This service can go by many names (Day-of Coordinator, Wedding Management, Month-of Coordinator) but it is essentially this: a wedding coordinator takes the plans you have worked tirelessly on, and makes sure they happen smoothly and that you have a fun, stress-free day.

Why I Don't Blog

Ok, so you’re probably confused. That’s understandable. You are in fact reading a post titled “Why I Don’t Blog” on a page titled “Blog.” Confusing indeed.

Well I’d like to shed some light on that for you, dear reader. I hate to be confused, and I’m sure it’s rather uncomfortable for you too.

You see, every blog expert on the internet (and there are a bunch) will tell you the #1 rule of blogging:

If you’re going to blog, you have to be consistent.

Whether it’s once a day, once a week, or once a month, you absolutely definitely certainly MUST do it with consistency. If you’re not going to post consistently, you will be better off taking the whole thing down.

I get it. I hear you, internet. OK.

And it makes sense! With my very limited understanding of the Google, algorithms, and SEO, regular content drives readers to your website, increases your likelihood of being found, and proves to visitors that you have a pulse and something valuable to contribute to the world. Sure.

Well, I had some changes in the summer of 2018 that shifted my priorities and drastically reduced the time I could spend blogging.

Yes, she is in fact the most precious thing you’ve ever seen.

We had our sweet baby girl, Sarah, on June 8, 2018, and life has not looked the same since. She is the most amazing, undeserved gift and I am so grateful to be her mom.

When I started coordinating weddings in 2016, I was considering leaving my full time job as an event planner for a University in pursuit of entrepreneurship. It was terrifying, but it had a goal: I wanted to stay home when we eventually had kids, and I wanted a way to earn an income as I did. So I tried it, loved it, and never looked back (ok, so I’ve looked back lots. But no regrets).

Flash forward to 2018 when that little bundle of joy actually arrived, and my workflow changed dramatically. I went from having no boss to being subject to the whims of this tiny person. (Not really, she’s super chill as far as babies go). But the reality was that my time was limited! So I had to make some choices.

One of those choices was to focus solely on wedding coordinating and remove planning and consulting from my offerings. I wanted to streamline as much as I could and really hone in on the part I am passionate about: making things run smoothly so my clients get to enjoy the day. Narrowing my focus was (and is) scary as a business decision because it limits the types of weddings I can take on, but I am learning that limits are good things. They are healthy things. Now I spend my work hours on the things I love most.

The other choice was to cut back on social media and to cut out blogging. These are important parts of running a business, but they are not the business itself. If I had to choose between taking care of my people and writing a blog post, the choice was clear. So I decided to limit what I had to say and spend the time I have on the work itself.

My work hours are shrinking because of this giggly, wiggly, beautiful girl, so I want to spend them well. I want to use my time to work diligently for my clients, making sure that their plans go off without a hitch, that they don’t forget anything, that their vendors have everything they need to do their best work, and that everyone has a great time.

So, I don’t blog. Right now at least. Motherhood has proved to be ever-changing process, and I have to hold my plans with an open hand. Maybe I’ll come back to it and make the blog experts happy. Who knows?

Why then don’t I take it down? Well, y’all, I put a lot of time into those posts! I tried to craft things that would add value to the people who read it, and contribute to their day - whether planning a wedding, or just enjoying beautiful celebrations. If you want to access that information, I don’t want to hide it! My SEO can handle it (I think).

So feel free to peruse at your pleasure, read about past weddings and personal tips, and have a good ole time. Just don’t be disappointed if you don’t hear from me for a while. I’ve got clients to serve and a cute baby to play with.

Much love.